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This community is now closed and inactive. You may want to try the knock-off nearly-a-clone community not_my_new_york, because a misunderstanding that included apologies is obviously a heck of a lot worse than a deliberate snub and nearly wholesale theft of a community premise.

Oh what fun it is to tag -

So have been rearranging the tags to make them a little easier to find, especially with the miniscule font that seems to be what's on the main comm tag list! They're now sorted into groups which are:

[]rp - the status and nature of the thread and the role play happening in it
[c]mr magoo - all current characters
[e]event - certain events that take place that might end up with different threads
[l]location - for all regular locations that are used
no prefix - former/inactive characters

Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to find the tag they're looking for, and make it easier to figure out what they are on the main comm page.
We tried it before but weren't quite clear enough in the directions, so let's have another go!

The Parade of Pups.

Goal: To have one central quick-reference place for getting up to speed on who's who in the knyghtfall zoo! game!

Action: Have each pup post (yes, the pup, not you, the mun, the pup), using their LJ, and giving a brief introduction to themselves. You can use this small summary outline if your pup's not sure what to say!

Pup Name/Nicknames:
Fandom: (if there is one)
Associated with FLAG?:
Associations in-game:
Brief background - how they came to be in NYC:

Of course if your pup is happy to post away of their own then feel free, or if you have a description or bio somewhere you can link to that, in addition to posting the basics here!

- Make sure you click on 'Post a New Comment' to post instead of 'Reply'
- If you want to ask questions about a pup then feel free to do so using the 'Reply' option, or of course you can always post a new thread asking it in the OOC comm!

If you have any general questions, or something on this is not clear, feel free to ask on this thread here.
There's a few new people wandering in, so a big welcome to you. Feel free to post a 'hi' as either you, in your own LJ, or from your pup(s) or whatever, but yeah, say hi!

To make it a little easier for all new-comers, and anyone peeking in to see what's what, and who's who we will be posting a 'parade' thread which will be linked to the front of both comms. The details on how to post will be outlined, and it'd be great if you could make sure you take a good look at those before posting.

Also, as things are hotting up in more ways than one all round we'd like to note that there is now a new tag in the game comm - NC-17. We know that sometimes you don't realise a thread will turn that way, so it might not be there at the beginning, but if things do go that way could we ask two things are done? Firstly, add the tag. Secondly, if the originator of the thread could put a NC-17 warning on the original post, somewhere, that would be perfect. It need only read:

'Warning - this thread has a rating of NC-17 and is NSFW or underage reading'

There is no age rating on the comm, and no age limits on the members, so locking a thread will not secure it. If there is a warning clearly shown on the thread that will cover us!

So, thanks, and remember to say hi!
For anyone who's wondering, the tags system in the main comm has been updated to make it easier to find RP threads still in play! And also, for anyone who has a thing about not reading a WIP, an easier way to avoid those if they want.

They're the rp - *** tags. Basically you can add at least one of these to every thread in that comm. They are:

rp - open - any thread that is open for any character to jump in, given the thread topic/location/etc of course. In other words if your pup(s) can come up with a reason why they're there, then have them join in.

rp - locked - if the thread is specifically for certain characters play and knowledge only then it should carry the locked tag, so everyone knows it's for those, and the character's name tags should be added too. This means the thread is for those characters only, and for those character's knowledge only.

rp - development - if you're posting a 'standalone' (ficlette type) post, that might be just to bring your character up to date, or explain something that's going on with them. In other words it's not for interaction, it's just to move the plot/storyline forward, to develop it or the character. If it's not for other character's to know about somehow then be sure to also add the 'rp - locked' tag too.

rp - in progress - usually going to be on a thread till it's finished.

rp - completed - once the thread is done, change the 'in progress' to 'completed'.

Adding/editing tags is very simple. Just go to the thread and select the 'tags' icon up the top and it will give you a full listing of the tags. Just select as many as are relevant, using the Ctrl key as you select them. Most threads now have tags added to them, but if you find one that needs some added then go for it.
To help everyone get a handle on who's doing what, where, how, why and when, we'll start a mod post every so often that will give you a really brief update of the state of play.

From the looks of things, and please say something if this is in any way incorrect, this is where things are at.

- Logan Maxwell and Heather McGinley resign their positions at FLAG after external business caused them both extensive injuries.

- Michael goes to talk to Kitt out on the test track, and finds out there's more he didn't know/hadn't been told.

- The Rangers are all in Central Park meeting Michael and Kitt(Keith? Still to be ascertained!)

Please post below if your pup is in a thread somewhere, or would like to be! Or if you have any plot ideas or would like to be involved in some.

There will also be some posts from time to time, in the comm, as a type of 'news report' of situations that will affect the city - ie: foul weather/storms, traffic accidents, crimes etc. They're to be incorporated into the pups' world as they would be of course - for example a picnic in the park day could be totally rained out, flights delayed in and out of airports thanks to heavy fog, or bomb hoaxes or whatever.

Even if you're not currently in a thread feel free to have your pup post what they're up to that day and how that situation affected them. It's a chance for you to get your pup talking/thinking/playing/etc, which is what this is all about. Have fun with it!
Not a new character - just a new journal for young Gage Kenworth. The 'skinny', for those who may not know him and his background, some of it is FPK (for player/pup knowledge) and some of it is FMK (for mun knowledge - aka locked from pup).

Gage is currently 23, a university graduate with degrees in business and finance. He's driven, but a very smooth operator, living by the age old concept 'You get more bees to honey than vinegar'.

He approached Michael Knight and convinced him to return to FLAG, which was being re-established, along with locating KITT - the drawcard that he knew he'd have to have to get Michael back. He has, until recently, been the CEO of FLAG but with various other issues demanding his time (his desire to focus on his main purpose behind getting FLAG re-established) and the fact he's found someone else that might be more suitable as 'front man' for the organisation, he's considering stepping aside, into the role of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and handing the CEO cap on to Roger Smith rogersmith_bigo (Roger!mun can we talk about how these two have interacted in the past and the knowledge Roger has about Gage?? Thanks.)

FMK - locked from all characters unless specifically named
Gage is the main instigator behind getting FLAG back up and operational for one main reason, he needs to find a way to replace his body. The chip in his head that is his link to accessing computer systems is breaking down, 23 year old technology and all, and from what the doctors have said if it does it will possibly cause severe brain damage. The only people who know of his ability are his father, Garthe Knight, believed deceased, and Roger Smith, the man he's considering appointing as CEO. No-one knows he is the grandson of the founder of Knight Industries or the original FLAG.

Gage is a self-absorbed young man, but also very aware of his special ability and how to use it to his benefit. He has no qualms in using people for his own purpose and has loaded a program into Kitt that has brought about 'Keith'. Now that he knows that works he needs to figure out how to either create another one, or take over Kitt...
This list will be updated on a regular basis. Please note that original characters who are affiliated with a fandom are included in the character list for that fandom.

[last updated October 14th 2007]

Big O
Roger Smith - rogersmith_bigo

Buffy TVS & Angel TS
Spike - sharp_cold

Knight Rider
Kitt/KITT/Keith - ki2k
Michael Knight - notmichael_long
Karr/KARR - silverblackkarr
Gage Kenworth (OC) - hidden_son

La Femme Nikita
Nikita - nikita_q

RoboCop - cpu_001

Space Rangers
Captain John Boon - john_boon
Doc Kreuger - doc_kreuger
zylyn - zylyn

Dean Winchester - bigbrotherdean
Sam Winchester - rocksalt_sam

Vampire: The Masquerade
Ceridwen Rhydderch - call_me_ceri
Calvin Redcrest - call_me_calvin

Original Characters
Poppy Alessandros - sure_shot_honey
Arusha Davor - etherreality
Rakj'a Jarre - timeshadow
Kaycee - kaycee_jazz
Gage Kenworth (OC) - hidden_son

Ok, i'm just throwing out some ideas here, about how Martin can fit into the storyline, his introduction, et al.

- First of all, the idea of the Foundation selling AIs - what if they were based on certain previous patterns? Martin is based on Kitt's programming, there could be others based on the TKR AIs, maybe even one or two based on KARR's patterns...and so on.

- Dani Janeway, Martin's partner, suspected something fishy was going on and set herself up at a private collecter in order to buy Martin, then after confirming her suspicions, she sent Martin out to find other FLAg-built AIs and hopefully the 'original' Kitt as well. But now Dani's disappeared.

- This could give a storyline and a trail to follow, trying to recover what Dani found out and find out where she is.

Comments? Ideas? Rotten tomatos? :p
This list will be updated on a regular basis. Please note that original characters who are affiliated with a fandom are included in the character list for that fandom.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Saya - o_r_i_g_i_n_a_l


River Tam - undrstndcmprhnd

Knight Rider

April Curtis - april_curtis
Heather Knight, OC - foreverdriven
Karr/KARR - silverblackkarr
Kitt/KITT - ki2k
Martin Seven, OC - martin_seven
Rusti Knight, OC - rus_knight

Original Characters

Logan Maxwell - logan_maxwell
Poppy Alessandros - sure_shot_honey
Welcome to the OOC members-only community for knyghtfall. This community serves as our backstage area. If you're interested in applying for membership in our RPG, please contact the moderators - our e-mail address is knyghtfallmods AT gmail DOT com - or you can leave a comment here. We take at least 24 hours to consider all applications. When applying for a character, please use either the canon or OC application form.

The current cast list can be found here.

Character Application (Canon Only)

Character name:
Player (nickname, handle):
New character LJ name (if already created):
Base of operations:
Sample post:

Character Application (Original Characters)

Character Name:
Player name (nickname, handle):
Character LJ (if applicable):
Physical description (face, build, weight):
Weaknesses and flaws:
Base of operations:
Alignment (villain, hero etc):
Relatives (living or dead):
Sample post:

In addition to the writing sample, please tell us a little bit about how you see the character, the kinds of stories you'd be interested in doing, etc.

Basic rules to remember when applying:

1. Players may have three characters to start with.

2. Game play is based in and around New York City, but is not excluded to such. If your character lives in or has some sort of tie to New York, you are welcome to apply. We will accept pre-existing RP characters on a limited basis, i.e. if the character's RP canon does not clash with the premise of this community, if the character has a reason to be in New York City, etc. Characters may be OCs, fandom-based OCs, or Canon characters. All are generally welcome within the setting, but please remember that this is present-day New York, on planet Earth. If your character is from the year 3000 and has eight tentacles, chances are it will get some funny looks, even in Times Square. Basic rule here is that if your character fits the setting, then it is welcome to apply to join. Just use some common sense with what type of character you submit.

3. The moderators’ decisions on applications are final. If for whatever reason your character has not been accepted, don’t take it personally. We will let you know why if we can, and you are always welcome to resubmit a tweaked/modified character application after three weeks. The three-week rule makes it fair for other players if they wish to pick up a specific character. We will not necessarily hold a character place for you.

4. Upon acceptance, you will have three weeks to begin interacting. This is a community after all. If you don’t want to play with your character, then don’t submit them. We would like enthusiastic players who are more than willing to play and send their characters to meet and greet. The last thing we want is a community where no one plays or gets mixing with it. If after three weeks there is no interaction within the community with your character, then it will be dropped from the community. Again, if this happens, don’t take it personally. After three weeks, you can the resubmit the character to us if you wish, if the character has not been taken within that time.

5. If at some point you wish to drop the character, please contact the moderators to let us know. We'd appreciate the courtesy, rather than wondering why your character has seemingly dropped off of the face of the communities. You can let us know at the OOC community and it will only take a moment of your time to save ours. Likewise, if you anticipate being away for a period of time and you need to request a hiatus, then by all means please do so. Communication is everyone's friend.

6. This is a moderated community. If problems should arise between players, the moderators will become involved as a last resort, and our decisions will be the final word.

7. RP is consent-based. Purposeful, deliberate god-modding will not be tolerated, period. Omniscient/omnipotent characters need not apply.

8. Absolutely NO chat-speak, period.

9. No duplicate characters are permitted except at the discretion of the moderators, and only if the canon supports the application.

10. Players are required to join both the RP community and the OOC community with their character journals.

11. If your pre-existing character is still involved in other games or RPs, we request that references to those games or RPs be kept to a bare minimum within this community, out of respect for the integrity of this game itself as well as that of other players involved in this game.

12. Due to liability issues, no one under the real-world age of 18 will be permitted.

13. How to get started:

1) Read the rules above.
2) Check to make sure your character is available. This is a list of all the approved or pending character apps already in game.
4) Fill out an APPLICATION.
5) When you've been approved, follow the Character Setup Guidelines.
6) If you're new to RP or just want help getting interaction, feel free to contact any of the moderators, or post in the OOC community.