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There's a few new people wandering in, so a big welcome to you. Feel free to post a 'hi' as either you, in your own LJ, or from your pup(s) or whatever, but yeah, say hi!

To make it a little easier for all new-comers, and anyone peeking in to see what's what, and who's who we will be posting a 'parade' thread which will be linked to the front of both comms. The details on how to post will be outlined, and it'd be great if you could make sure you take a good look at those before posting.

Also, as things are hotting up in more ways than one all round we'd like to note that there is now a new tag in the game comm - NC-17. We know that sometimes you don't realise a thread will turn that way, so it might not be there at the beginning, but if things do go that way could we ask two things are done? Firstly, add the tag. Secondly, if the originator of the thread could put a NC-17 warning on the original post, somewhere, that would be perfect. It need only read:

'Warning - this thread has a rating of NC-17 and is NSFW or underage reading'

There is no age rating on the comm, and no age limits on the members, so locking a thread will not secure it. If there is a warning clearly shown on the thread that will cover us!

So, thanks, and remember to say hi!
You definitely need to do that on the Roger/Satine/Niki/"Jennifer" thread.
Will make sure it's done. And it's not the only one, seems to be a sudden increase in temp in a number of threads all round!
Roger looks a little sheepish. He knows he should have closed the door before the fun started.
LOL! Tell him not to be, Niki didn't arrive for another hour and a half, and from the looks of it Dean Winchester is getting his fun out in the open!

And BTW, you will have to get Roger's attention to go and add the warning to the beginning of that thread, as it's his thread. The originator is the one who needs to edit and add that sort of thing.:)

You could put a link to where Niki arrives and say that skips the NC-17 if you like too, as it isn't the whole thread, only that tiny part with him and Satine at the beginning. :)